Kingston City Rollers

'An Inclusive, Open Gender Roller Derby League'

You'll come for the fun, but you'll stay for the friends

Looking for fun, friends and competitive open gender roller derby? Kingston City Rollers is the place to be! On or off-skates, you will find a home with us!


Turn our members vision into a victory

Kingston City Rollers (KCR) is an all-inclusive Roller Derby league. Our inclusivity extends to gender and race, but did you know it also includes disability?

For all our members, having the ability to participate in roller derby is so important to their health and well-being, and many of our members sees our league as their extended family.

What’s our fundraiser about?

The permanent track lines we currently have, are painted green. For those who are colour blind or are vision impaired, it is very difficult to see these lines, making it very challenging for them to train and/or play to their full-potential.

*Even our member, Frank couldn’t work out which lines they are!

Our league puts an emphasise on accommodating our members needs and requirements, so that they are able to participate in this sport we love.

We need to raise money to repaint those lines in a colour we can all see, a colour that represents our league – KCR pink!

How can you help?

By making a tax-deductible donation this season, you will be supporting our league, to assist our current and future members to continue to play this sport we love. Not only this, your donation will take our league to the next level, and turn our vision, and yours, into victory.

Any donations are welcome!

We thank you in advance.

Upcoming events

'Beauty and the Breast'
Fundraising Event

*New date*
Saturday, 21st August 2021

-Blow the whistle on Breast Cancer-

We're celebrating a return to track with two games (Womens and Open Gender) with all profits being donated to the NBCF (National Breast Cancer Foundation)


'Skate 101' Program

*New date*
Sunday, 1st August 2021

-Walking, its the new rolling-

Keen to learn how to skate or refresh those skating skills? Our Skate 101 program will show you all the skatey things.

Explore the world of roller derby

Because its what’s in you that counts

Roller derby is a fun, fast-paced, competitive, all-inclusive sport. No matter your gender, age, and skating level, roller derby will bring out the best in you! Whether you are looking to get fit, find new friends, gain self confidence or just de-stress, you will find something for you at Kingston City Rollers.

  • New to skating? – We will teach you
  • New to a team sport? – You will meet amazing teammates and learn teamwork
  • New to exercise? – We will slowly build you up
  • New to a full-contact sport? – We will build your confidence
  • New to sport strategy? – We will teach you
  • Looking for a sport that is accepting of who you are? – Derby builds body positivity, and doesn’t discriminate
  • Looking for new friends? – Derby is more than friendships, it’s a community
  • Looking for a way to de-stress? – We will show you how
  • Looking for personal development? – You will gain confidence and self-esteem
  • Looking for a something to sink your teeth into? – Derby is it
  • Looking for an escape from your normal life? – Derby opens up a whole new world
  • Looking for a different persona? – Derby allows you to do this

Derby leaves you WANTING MORE!!…

Join our community and dominate your life!

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