''A game without referees, isn't a game worth playing!'

Referee’s are the ones overseeing the game up-close and in detail, and making sure that everyone on track is playing by the rules.

Referees officiate the game of Roller Derby on roller skates (although you can wear inline blades if you prefer), by skating both inside or outside of the track (Though not at the same time). They are responsible for counting the points, and ensuring the safety aspect of the sport is upheld by ensuring adherence to the rules.

Being a referee is more than just watching for penalties, you need to be able to dynamically skate in any direction, stop/start, turn, and move your body to get the best possible view of the action occurring.

Don’t panic though, we’ll teach you everything you need to know if you aren’t already an experienced skater.

Our referees are a part of the family just like any other member of our team. They participate in training to not only help them grow on skates, but to help our team better adhere to the rules, and adjust our play for not only maximum points but maximum defense!

It’s hard work but very rewarding and enjoyable! And you get a very stylish striped shirt (name on the back entirely optional!).

Interested in becoming an referee? Get in contact with us, and one of our friendly Officials crew will be in touch!