New to skating?

As a ‘Rookie’ you will start off in our Learn · Try · Join program, which runs twice a year, in February and again in July. It’s a sixteen-week program, open to any gender and is custom-designed by Kingston City Rollers to be a fun, inclusive and collaborative experience. Even if you haven’t skated before, our program gets anyone and everyone safely on skates and skating.

The program focuses on building core strength, mental resilience, and all the basic individual skills you need to make you a confident and competent skater.

When you level up to Pre-bouting, this is where the fun really begins! You’ll learn the most important skills of all…how to beat other people into submission!

If you are keen to rule the track as a member of the Zebras (Referees), you are still required to complete our Learn · Try · Join program.

That’s OK! We’ve had many skaters before who have never skated or only skated a few times before joining us. Being on eight wheels can be a little overwhelming and daunting, and we understand it can be pretty scary too! Our primary job is to teach you how to be comfortable with being on eight wheels safely, and to build your confidence, so that you’ll look back and say…’What was I so nervous about?’ You’ll be amazed at how quickly your skating skills develop, once you allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

You will need to have 

  • Derby-grade quad skates
  • Basic safety equipment – helmet, elbow and knee pads, wrist guards and mouthguard

If you do not own or have access to any of the above, that’s ok, we can supply you with skates and safety gear. You will NEED to bring your own MOUTHGUARD, as we’re sure you wouldn’t want to be sharing this with anyone else!

If you haven’t exercised in a while, or never exercised before, that’s OK. Our program is designed to work on increasing your fitness and endurance, so that by the end of the program you will be fitter than when you first started. We won’t lie…a moderate level of fitness is necessary to play roller derby. The fitter you are going in, the easier it will be going forward!

The first month is FREE! However, you are required to pay an insurance fee of $30 to cover you for this month. If, after the first month, you are keen to continue your derby journey, you will then pay $75 per month for membership and an upgrade to full insurance which is an extra $55.

Contact us today and register for our
Learn · Try · Join program.

Rookies get the FIRST month !


We have opportunities for experienced skaters to get your skating on! From weekly scrimmages to women and mixed games, the choice is yours. 

As a member of Kingston City Rollers, you will have access to:

  • Some of the best training by world-renowned and experienced coaches in Australia
  • Playing on women and/or mixed teams 
  • Socialising and relaxing with the team at BBQs, pool parties, and heaps more

That’s OK! We understand that skating with men isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! As an inclusive and supportive league, we offer opportunities for everyone to participate in the sport, no matter what their preference is. All our members are supportive of each other. We run women only scrimmages and games, as well as mixed, and making sure we have a balance that keeps everyone happy, is key. 

As an experienced skater, the cost is $75 per month, or $830 per annum

Be a member of two leagues

Why not! 

We know that some of you just want to skate, skate, skate whether as a skater or a referee!? If you’re with a league that offers women’s only games, however, you want to skate in mixed games, why not be greedy and do both! Kingston City Rollers offers the opportunity to do just that! You’ll get in more training, and have the opportunity to play more games. 

Being a member of two leagues, encourages the sharing of skills, and knowledge, which benefits players, coaches, spectators and the overall sport of roller derby.

Contact us now to find out more about dual membership or to apply.  

As a dual member, there are two types of membership fees available:

  • $10 per session
  • $40 per month

It’s an inclusive sport for people from all backgrounds. Almost anyone can do it. It’s incredibly good exercise. A great stress reliever. Teaches you to be more assertive. You’ll learn about strategy. Incredible teamwork skills. You’ll make great friends. Build your confidence. It’s great for body positivity and it gives you a huge self-esteem boost.

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