about us

In 2013, our founding members Chops and Exy, decided to start their own roller derby league. They saw a need for an inclusive, all-gender roller derby league in the south east of Melbourne, that provided opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation etc to play and be involved in the sport. Back then, most leagues were women only , and men were only allowed to officiate. After months of hard work, Kingston City Rollers (KCR) was born. A gender diverse roller derby league that welcomes everyone, supports each persons’ roller derby journey and creates a safe family, community environment for all.

We are very proud of this achievement, and how our league has grown over the years, and more importantly, the opportunities we have created for all our members and members of the broader roller derby community.

Our league also offers programs which caters for people’s different skating journeys including Wheely Fit, Learn-Try-Join and Learn to Officiate.


  • Created and ran Australia’s largest annual all-gender roller derby tournament – The United Roller Derby Playoffs (URDP) from 2015
  • Created and run Australia’s first ever annual three-day, all-gender roller derby bootcamp – Camp Skate from 2015
  • The only league in Australia to own and operate a fully systemised bout scoring control system


Kingston City Rollers is a growing member-based Roller Derby League in south east Melbourne. We are a gender diverse, welcoming, and competitive sporting club that is respectful of all and aims to have a positive impact in the community. Kingston City Rollers is an innovative league that creates events and tournaments for our members and the broader Roller Derby Community, with the aim to promote and build the future of All-Gender Roller Derby across Australia.
We are an athletic and social organisation that gives our members an opportunity to learn and be involved in a full contact sport in a healthy and safe environment.


We aspire to set the standard for competitive All-Gender Roller Derby in Australia. We want to be an inclusive club with the most members in the greater South East region. We sustain a safe, positive, fun and active environment for all. We have a strong community profile through fundraising efforts and partnerships, striving for success both on and off the track. We are committed to strengthening the Roller Derby community, ensuring its sustainability and are an active participant in all aspects of the sport of roller derby.


  • We care for people, families and communities
  • We build connections with the communities we operate in and interact with, both within and outside of Derby
  • We take the opportunity to give back to create stronger and more connected communities
  • We benefit the people and communities in which we operate within
  • We value community development and partnerships
  • We are accepting of people’s diversity, equality and worth
  • We are considerate of people’s rights and feelings
  • We are willing to learn and generously share knowledge, expertise and skills
  • We are encouraging of people’s growth and development
  • We are appreciative of volunteer, members and official’s commitments
  • We listen and communicate honesty and clearly and with courtesy
  • We work in partnership with people and organisations to find the best approach
  • We challenge the status quo of how things are being done
  • We use motivation and drive to challenge each other to develop and grow and to perform to the best of our potential
  • We seek innovative solutions in an effort to improve how things are done
  • We are open to doing things differently
  • We are constantly learning and recognise that mistakes are part of growth and learning
  • We are inclusive and welcome people’s input and involvement
  • We are caring, encouraging and supportive
  • We help each other and seek and find opportunities for people’s input and involvement
  • We value friendship and fun
  • We encourage team work
  • We build trust through communication, experiences and teamwork
  • We find opportunities to grow our family and welcome people in
  • We are accountable to each other
  • We actively contribute and are proud that KCR is a great club with a warm and welcoming environment
  • We build connection, a sense of belonging and enjoy spending time together