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I joined the Rookie intake in Feb 2018 as someone who had next to no time on wheels of any sort. My last attempt was over 25 years ago. I'm in my early 40's and felt it was a now or never time for me to challenge myself, stretch as a person and have some fun. KCR has ticked all those boxes and so many more. They are not just a club, they are a community who support you, welcome you and empower you. Be prepared to be proud of yourself, because you will learn to do things you didn't think you could and when you think you can't, the amazing coaching staff will teach you that, yes, you can. You will laugh, a lot, you will become strong, determined and resilient. You will meet an amazing group of people and have a bloody good time doing it.

Lucky Charm
Rookie 2018

My mate dragged me to this 'try out' thing and I showed cause it sounded fun. As soon as I walked in I felt welcome. I got on the skates after not seeing a pair since 1997 and there I was, barely moving on the track asking myself what the hell i was doing. The answer came quickly and here’s where you should pay attention. Derby was a challenge I didn’t expect but totally love. From barely being able to balance to flying around the track in 16 short weeks is incredible. Derby is a test against yourself and it’s amazing and fulfilling to feel yourself grow and succeed. But more so, you have an entire cheer team on your side. Every single one of your team mates being rookie or bouter has your back. I’ve never been in such an encouraging and supportive environment. There are no failures just steps towards getting better. Every achievement is celebrated every milestone acknowledged. This derby family accepts you as you are with all your good, bads and uglies no questions ask. Just come and be there and you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. I can’t believe how far I’ve come how much more confident I am. I still have a way to go but I’m happy with where I am. I’m still rolling still learning and still challenging myself each and every training session. This can be so much more than just a fun sport it can be a whole new circle of friends. A derby family that cheers you on that has your back and that encourages you to strive higher, faster and better. I’m going to keep going each week and find motivation and drive to strive till I move up to the next level. And I’m going to be happy rolling on…

Crash 'n' Burn 2019